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Safe Neighborhoods
Great Schools

As a father, social worker and mentor, Khrystian believes every child deserves a great school, regardless of their zip code. Khrystian knows that means small class sizes, modern facilities, accessible after school programs, and a diverse curriculum that includes art and music and sports.

Through decades of work in child protection, Khrystian has seen the difference structured, positive alternatives for at risk kids can make in keeping our neighborhoods safe. Khrystian will always be an outspoken advocate for programs that get results - and he will continue to be a leader in bringing neighbors, businesses, clergy, and law enforcement together to address crime.

From the statewide push to raise wages to securing earned sick time for all families, Khrystian has always been on the front lines of the fight for workers’ rights. Khrystian firmly believes that everyone who works hard should be able to support a family in Worcester, and he’ll continue to be a tireless advocate for good jobs that strengthen our community and economy.

Family Supporting Jobs

Khrystian King: Fighting for What Matters Most


As a city councilor, social worker, and community leader, Khrystian has dealt first-hand with the challenges facing so many Worcester families. Khrystian knows what it takes to ensure every child and every parent has the opportunity to succeed - and our community’s concerns are his top priority.

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