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Khrystian King


By the time he was 20 years old, Khrystian lost three friends to gun violence on Worcester’s streets. He‘s dedicated his life to making our community a safer place ever since.

Khrystian earned his Masters’ Degree in Social Work and became a child protection worker - working with at-risk kids and families in every neighborhood in the city. He launched the Crompton Park Summer Basketball League to give our youth safe, structured activities that keep them out of trouble. Khrystian has worked with the District Attorney’s office, Police Department, Gang Unit, and a host of local clergy, educators, parents and community leaders to seek solutions that will build a safer Worcester.




1. Expanded Community Policing. We need more cops on the streets and in our neighborhoods, building relationships and partnerships with homeowners, businesses, churches and schools. If more police are needed to make this happen, then we need to prioritize hiring.
2. Support and Expand our Crime Watches. Crime watches, business and neighborhood associations have always served as catalysts for positive change. We need to take steps to support and strengthen these institutions to help them capitalize on prior success.
3. More Opportunities. Increased accountability remains a vital piece of any potential solution. But for many kids, the difference between joining a gang or a productive future comes down their alternatives. Can they get a part-time job? Is there an extra-curricular activity to occupy their time? Khrystian has called on the City Manager to convene the city’s colleges to pool their resources to expand these critical opportunities.
4. Expand the Worcester Gang Unit. Having worked with the Gang Unit for many years, Khrystian knows how important their work is to stopping criminal activity - and preventing kids from joining gangs in the first place. Increasing the number of Gang Unit officers while expanding proactive programming like the PAL basketball leagues must be a top priority.

Plenty of candidates for City Council talk about public safety. But that’s all it really is: talk.


With all the challenges we face in the City of Worcester, we need leaders with substantive plans and real experience working to make our neighborhoods safer.


We need leaders like Khrystian King.

”As a social worker, I work with these kids.

I have teens who are in gangs in my caseload. The most important thing is to show them there are options out there... provide them access to opportunity.


At the same time, you must hold kids accountable, parents accountable, and community members accountable who aren't doing their part."


Khrystian King,

Telegram & Gazette, August 9, 2015

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